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    Portable Arc Welding Machine
    Applicable metal: carbon steel/low alloy steel, stainless steel

    Product description:
    1、Good design of control panel; figures show, adjustable precision of welding current is 1A.
    2、Arc current can be adjusted alone, equipped with excellent arc performance.
    3、Thrust current can be adjusted alone.
    4、Equipped with various security protection functions like temperature protection, over current protection, short circuit protection。
    5、and key components in the welding machine adopt “three proofing” design
    Technical Parameters
    Rated input voltage /frequencySingle Phase 220V±15%
    Rated input capacity (KVA)79.4
    Rated input current (A)32.543.5
    Rated output voltage (V)2830
    Rated duty cycle (%)6060
    Output noload voltage (V)6776
    Output current range (A)20-20020-250
    Enclosure protection classIP21S
    Insulation gradeF
    Type of coolingAir Cooling
    Exterior size LxWxH(mm)450x270x335450x270x335
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    Portable ARC Welding Machine Maintenance Methods
    Switch power supply indicator light is not on, fan does not turn, no welding output

    1) make sure the power switch is closed;

    2) make sure that the input cable is connected to the power supply

    The power indicator is bright, the fan does not turn, no welding output

    1) may be the wrong input on the 380V power supply, resulting in over-voltage protection circuit start, change to the 220V power, restart it;

    2) 220V power instability (input line or too long) or input lines overlap in the grid, resulting in over-voltage protection circuit starting, increase input line grid line diameter; the fastening input line node, this phenomenon is shut down 5-10 minutes after the restart recovery;

    3) in a short period of time open and close the power switch, causing over-voltage protection circuit start, shutdown 5-10 minutes after the restart, you can return to normal;

    4) the wire between the power switch and the power board is loosened and re tightened;

    5) the 24V relay on the power panel is not attracted or damaged, check the 24V power box, relay, relay can be replaced by other relays of the same typecheap Arc Welder