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    Sheep Wool Carding Machine
    1、Type: YQ—A186
    2、Product Introduction
    This machine is mainly used to carding cashmere, sheep wool, yak hair, camel hair, alpaca wool and other animal fibers. After gradual opening and carding, the dust,coarse wool, dandruff can be removed absolutely.And then the chopper stripped for application of next working procedure.
    The machine is widely used in carding industry, with outstanding effect, and can be combined with many machines. It is an essential product of combined carding machines
    This kind of carding machines is a best equipment to remove dandruff.as well as a perfect machine for wool mixing or extract the short cashmere from the litter.
    Remark: YQ-FN288and YQ-FN150 is a carding machine with fully enclosed housing,which has been patented.
    3、Product Display
    3.1 Semi closed housing 3.2 Fully enclosed housing
    3.3 Customer’s factory
    3.4 Assembling workshop
    4、Main technical parameters
    Working Width:1020mm1500mm
    Dimensions(L*W*H)Main Engine3300*1800*1800mm3300*2450*1800mm
    Weight:About 4.1 TonsAbout 5.8 Tons
    Dragging Power:Main Engine2.8KW3.0KW
    Machine Type:Right HandRight Hand
    Main PartsLicker working Speed500-600r/min
    Cylinder Working Speed180-210r/min
    Doffer Working Speed10-12r/min
    The Chopper Frequency1200/min
    Fiber Loss< 2%
    Output4-8 kg/H5-10kg/H
    5.1Machines Parts R & D and production—No best, only better.
    ①.Cylinder transmission adopts centrifugal friction clutch and V-belt for driving,with reliable
    structure,smooth start,the motor sit on the rack,no need of anchor bolts.
    ②.Doffer transmission using electromagnetic clutch,The protective cover is provided with an
    electromagnetic switch ,operating easier safer and more effective than181 connecting rod.
    ③.The bottom is 6mmcloser than before,reduce the loss of the short cashmere and it is good at removing the coarse wool.
    ④.The feed board with a 42mm working surface,reduce the damage to the fiber.
    ⑤.Feed roller using spring-pressuring,it is more convenience and feeding uniform
    5.2 Core accessories —–Focus on quality
    Aluminium alloy flat tops
    6、 Production and delivery
    6.1 Machine parts processing shop
    6.2 Industry expert exchange & Industry research and learning
    6.3Machines assembly shop
    6.4 Shipment
    Sheep Wool Carding Machine