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    Because it is meant to be used repeatedly, the reusable urine meter bag is designed in a way that it prevents the smell of urine getting out. It is manufactured to withstand certain pressures so it does not tear or leak easily.
    It is used in the urology department, in-patient, out patient departments, surgical departments. It used for: drainage and storage of urine, post-thoracic drainage, post-operative drainage of the brain.
    The benefits of using our urine bag over the ordinary urine bags include are many. Our reusable urine meter bags are designed to:
    ●Keep the smell of urine in the bag. So its easy to live with.
    ●Avoid leakage. The medical grade plastic we use is sealed and tested to make sure there are no pores.
    ●Can be used for up to 5 days. Remember to wash your hands, the bag and connectors each time you clean the bags.
    ●Varying capacities:1000ml, 1500ml, 2000ml, 2600ml, 3000ml, 5000ml
    Our products can be customized to fit your specifications so do not limit your imagination.
    We are an ISO13485 certified company and maintain the highest levels of quality in everything we do, from management to implementation. We have staff ready to talk to you for whatever questions you may have. We work with others to ensure a win-win relationship. Urine Meter Bag Free Sample