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    Outdoor Food Cart
    The Outdoor Food Cart produced by Glory enterprise is well-known for high quality, Good customization, excellent sales service and charming design appearance.
    Glory Enterprise has designing department, which can help to improve design for our outdoor food carts. Once if buyers have any questions on appearance, may directly contact with Glory Sales Team for more possible solutions.

    Outdoor Food Cart Dimension for above model GL-FR350WD:
    SizeLength (cm)Width (cm)Height(cm)
    Cart Size350200230
    Trailer Dimension470200230

    We can offer supply other sizes of Cart such as:
    L220 * W160 * H230;
    L250 * W200 * H230;
    L300 * W200 * H230
    If you are not sure about the size proper for you, never mind, contact with our sales team at once and we will try best to select with you together for the proper models.

    For Outdoor Food Cart Model FR350WD, we may offer below Standard Configuration:

    And according to business style you want, we can also supply you with necessary equipment. This is Optional. And also, this is part of our sales service. And we can help to set up layout for inner equipment, and we also install equipment into our Outdoor Food Cart for free. Part of optional equipment are shown as below:
    We only produce our Outdoor Food Cart with high quality Fiber glass and stainless steel materials. All spare parts, even a screw, is high quality in order to keep the cart steady and excellent.
    Thanks for the hard – working people in our plant, enable us offer you with so good so beautiful Outdoor Food Carts to every buyer!

    After production, Glory outdoor food cart would be packed carefully in order to avoid delivery damages:
    And then loading into containers for sea delivery.
    All of above are only part of our work. Glory is your good partner for buying Outdoor Food Carts. We are not only selling, but also help to explore and develop your business! So if you have any thoughts to develop Outdoor Food business, please feel free to contact Glory Sales Team!
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