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    XD-5220A rotary evaporator(20L)
    (Old RE-5220A)
    The new floor type rotary evaporator adopts large capacity and large diameter mouth rotating flask, to increase the evaporation area. Under negative pressure and be placed in a water bath while rotating and heating, so that the solution in the flask diffuses and evaporates.
    This type rotary evaporator is a relatively ideal basic equipment to do concentration, drying, extraction, recycling, etc. So it’s widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, colleges and universities, research laboratory, industrial mass production, etc.
    Main features
    1.Main machine: Introduction of foreign advanced transmission system, rational structure, durable and strong practical.
    2.Control, temperature parts: Introduce foreign advanced frequency conversion control system and temperature control system to ensure the precise performance of the rotary evaporator.
    3.Water bath: Select imported stainless steel plate for one – time stamping molding, vertical automatic lifting.
    4.Sealing parts: Select the latest PTFE materials from abroad, through special process treatment, enhance sealing, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
    5.Main structure: Adopt high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel material, perfect and improve the reasonable performance of instrument.
    Technical parameters :
    Model XD-5220A
    Main machine Automatic cantilever lifting 0-190mm
    Limited vacuum ≤399.9(3mmHg)
    Evaporation capacity Max.3.6L/min ≥5L/H(H2O)
    Rotating speed Digital display / through knob to adjust speed 0-120rpm/min; ( Three-phase AC induction motor 220V, Single phase power supply 250W).
    Heating Bath One time molding stainless steel water bath 5KW
    Temp. Automatic temp. control, digital display, water bath: RT-99℃±1℃.
    Condenser Vertical, main condenser + assist condenser, high efficient three reflux , cooling area 0.76㎡.
    Feeder The valve type feeding tube is sleeved with teflon pipe and water stop ring.
    Sealing ring Fluorine rubber +PTEF imported material combination vacuum seal gasket.
    Capacity 5–20L
    Power 6.3kw, input voltage ~380v/50Hz
    Dimension / weight Rotary evaporator dimension(L*W*H)116.5*60*177cm Weight: 95KG 110KG
    Standard configurations Ball milling mouth 10L collection bottle * 1pcs, φ125 flange mouth rotating bottle 20L * 1pcscheap Rotary Evaporator