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    ★Our History
    In China, Shandong Yuan xing Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on high quality hydraulic cylinder products for more than 10 years. We start early and supply the local market in advance. With the development of the company and the development of the market, we have become one of the main suppliers of China’s hydraulic cylinder tank industry.
    Today, Shandong Yuan xing Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. has been one of the top quality manufacturers of high quality hydraulic cylinder products. The products include: Custom hydraulic cylinder, engineering machinery hydraulic cylinder, agricultural machinery hydraulic cylinder, forestry machinery hydraulic cylinder, and various heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders. Excellent production capacity and supply ability.
    ★Our Factory
    Shandong Yuan Xing Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the “longevity town of China”, a beautiful coastal city – Laizhou City, China. The company covers an area of 5000 square meters, with more than 120 workers and employees. The registered capital is 15 million yuan. The company has advanced equipment. It mainly produces the hydraulic cylinder of the dump truck, the hydraulic oil cylinder of the engineering car, the hydraulic oil cylinder of the crane, the hydraulic oil cylinder of the loader, and the customization of various non standard hydraulic cylinders.
    The company has strong technical force, integrates R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service, and has passed the IS09000 quality management system certification. From raw material purchase to product factory, modern testing means are adopted, the quality of the product is stable and reliable, and various hydraulic cylinders can be tailored according to the requirements of the customers.
    The company emphasizes the contract, keep the reputation, create a first-class after-sales service team to comply with the new “three packages” policy, a full range of quality tracking services, to ensure the satisfaction of customers and no worries. The company’s products have always been favored and praised by customers.
    ★Our Product
    Shandong Yuan xing hydraulic technology co., LTD. Products include:
    1. Hydraulic cylinder
    2. Telescopic hydraulic cylinder
    3. Hydraulic cylinder of lift
    4. Hydraulic cylinder of dump truck
    5. Customized hydraulic cylinder
    6. Hydraulic cylinder of engineering machinery
    7. Hydraulic oil cylinder of agricultural machinery
    8. Hydraulic cylinder of loader
    9. Piston hydraulic cylinder
    10. Plunger type hydraulic cylinder
    11. Double-acting hydraulic cylinder
    We can supply hydraulic cylinder products for various industries worldwide, from large multinational companies to small individual companies.
    ★Product Application
    The hydraulic cylinder produced by our company is widely used in engineering machinery and agricultural machinery.
    Such as: dump truck, crane, loader, elevator, mower, mining equipment, various industrial machinery.
    We can customize all kinds of non-standard hydraulic cylinders according to customer requirements to suit the company.
    ★Our Certificate
    Through our company’s continuous efforts, strict requirements for product quality. The hydraulic cylinder produced by our company has passed the ISO9000, ISO9001 certification and the highest quality requirements stipulated by our strict quality control system. Customer recognition of our products is our greatest success.
    ★Production Equipment
    Our company is able to make production according to the standard and quantity required by the customer, and can guarantee the hydraulic cylinder product that the customer needs in the time limit, because we have advanced production equipment.
    Such as: CNC lathe, processing center, SYT hydraulic cylinder test platform, hydraulic oil cylinder spraying equipment, hydraulic cylinder welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, quality inspection line.
    ★Production Market
    Our customers have both domestic and foreign markets. Our sales manager can speak fluent English, French, Spanish and good communication.
    Our company now has major selling markets: North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and South Africa.
    ★Our service
    In addition to the sales of our existing hydraulic cylinder products, our company can also produce hydraulic cylinder products according to customers’ drawings or samples. In the production process, we strictly control the product quality to ensure each hydraulic cylinder product quality qualified. We provide the most advanced technical support and high quality after-sales service, hoping to establish long-term cooperation with customers.
    Why choose our company to cooperate?
    1. Rich manufacturing experience.
    2. Fast and safe transportation.
    3. Professional design and technical team.
    4. Provide OEM and ODM services.
    5. Various hydraulic cylinders can be designed and produced according to drawings, samples or specifications.
    6. Excellent quality, reasonable price and best performance.Non-standard Hydraulic Cylinder suppliers