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This Website is Alumni-owned and operated by Parsons College Alumni and is dedicated to all who worked, taught, studied / graduated from Parsons College. Our goal #1 herein is to have a place where we can seek out old friends, classmates, teammates and professors from our years on campus. Goal #2 is that it evolves and meets your needs.  Goal #3 is for the Website to be an E-File for Parsons student and college photos, documents, brochures, memorabilia and collectibles. town photos and more.

Each member who joins the Parsons College Alumni will receive their own personal entry password. It will enable the member to access the Website plus be able to contribute directly to their own personal page. 

There are other different member areas which are user-friendly, enhance the Website thus making it enjoyable for all. Get ready to enter into what we feel will be an ongoing great experience and fun journey into your collegiate past at Parsons College.

Board of Directors

  • Nancy Wirtanen
  • Dave Neff
  • John Blackstock
  • John Braidwood
  • Ray Ham
  • Ed Longanecker
  • Bill Burger
  • Kay Ferguson
  • Robert Fox
  • Biff Kummer
  • Larry Litwin

Foundation Board of Directors

  • John Blackstock
  • John Braidwood
  • Suzan Bates Kessel
  • Dave Neff
  • Mark Shafer
  • Dr. Robert Tree

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Website Coordinator:        Ken Rice

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