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    Calcium sulphate office raised flooring
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    Its base material is Calcium Sulfate; its surface employs HPL of PVC tiles; its under surface zinxing steel plates and its edges bonded with black conductive PVC. Its bottom employs superior zincing steel plates.
    High bearing capacity; high impact resistance; grade a fireproofing; high stability; environment friendly.
    High surface evenness and accuracy of dimension; arbitrary inter-convertibility.
    Excellent flame retardant, heat insulation, sound proofing and anti-corrosion.
    Neat and elegant appearance, high decorativeness, and comfortable when walking.
    Type: FS1250LB
    Concentrated≧5595N impact load≧670N Ultimate Load≧16797
    Uniform load≧33084N
    Encapsulated Calcium Sulfate floor employs superior zincing steel plates, hexahedral wrapt structure, and high-density Calcium Sulfate base material.
    Complete enclosed structure; high sealing capacity
    High bearing capacity, high impact resistance, grade a fireproofing. Environment friendly
    Excellent flame retardant , heat insulation, sound proofing and comfortable when walking
    Usually use in matching with tile carpets.Office Raised Flooring