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    Productions Descriptions :
    Inflatable air column filled cushion protective bag packaging for laptop and tablet is fast and simple. Simply slip the product into the deflated package. Inflate the package from the single inflation point .
    Specifications :
    Material :PE+PA
    Brand name : INTPKG
    Size : Customized
    Color :Transparent
    Model name : Air Packaging Bag , air column bag , air protection packaging etc
    Origin : China
    Application : Laptop & tablet protection
    Packaging details : Standard carton packing
    Delivery time : 7-15 days
    Product Features:
    The utility model has the advantages of low cost, low cost of unit packing, and low cost compared with traditional packing
    Save: cushion air cushion online production, maximize saving storage space
    Safety: excellent cushioning performance, greatly improve the safety of product transportation
    High efficiency: single buffer air cushion broken connection, to meet the fast and efficient packaging needs
    Environmental protection: cushion is a lightweight packaging materials, can be recycledProtection packaging