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    Spinning machine 320 spindlesThe textile process consists of three main processing processes. The spinning process is to make the yarn from the textile fiber chemistry and the natural fiber through the spinning process, weaving and processing, and the yarn or fiber weaving process or the non-woven process to make various fabrics. Dyeing and finishing, the yarn or fabric is physically and chemically treated to achieve its color form, practical effects and other effects into the finished textile product. Spinning processing, cotton spinning equipment, open cleaning equipment, cotton picker, cotton cleaning machine, carding machine, combing machine, draw frame, single draw frame, double-head draw frame, high-speed draw frame, roving machine, computer roving frame, spinning frame, ring spinning machine Cotton spinning machine CNC spinning machine rotor spinning machine jet spinning machine. Spinning machine, wool spinning machinery, hemp spinning machinery, silk machinery and other products.Second Hand Textile Machinery suppliers