• Small mixer truck
    Features introduced
    1.Strong Power, low fuel consumption, strong climbing ability;Strong flexibility and applicability,lower unloading residual rate,large volume,high efficiency.
    2.Mixing body and leaf are all made from special fine grain wear plate,Integral forging raceway,which all can guarantee longer&enough life-span.
    3.The…[Read more]

  • ●Product introduction: Enamelled round wire is one of the main varieties of winding wire. It refers to the temperature index required for coating on the conductor of electric round copper rod or electric round aluminum rod after drawing through circular mold. And the compatible insulating varnish, after baking treatment, the insulating varnish a…[Read more]

  • Comparison of frying processing methods
    Food frying combines dehydration, drying and deep-fried food to produce a dry and flavored food.
    The vacuum frying of the food is to reduce the vaporization temperature of the water in the food under reduced pressure, so that it can be quickly dehydrated in a short time, and the food can be fried under low…[Read more]

  • Product Introduction

    This Unione U018 UPS provides battery backup, power protection (using sine wave output), and surge protection for desktop computers, workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment systems.
    When power goes out for even a second it can result in data loss and hardware damage which can shorten equipment life…[Read more]

  • Auto Single Toilet Roll Paper packing machine
    With feeding machine production line,can connect with the paper converting cutting machine, Without manpower!
    Mainly used for individual roll toilet paper packaging,this packaging machine is different with the other factory roll paper packaging, the end sealing we have tail, just like the below…[Read more]

  • Our History
    ZHANGZHOU AUCOPO ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO ,LTD is a high technology business specializing in the development, manufacture and supply of Lithium ion polymer batteries, Lithium ion cylindrical batteries (including LiFePO4 batteries) and Li ion battery packs The company was founded in 2004 and has expanded with the merger of Yoku Energy and…[Read more]

  • About Us
    Invitech is a professional manufacturer of precision metal and plastic components. Our core technology team specializes in precision progressive die stamping, insert molding for more than 30 years.

    Our company is located in Zhejiang Province southeast of China, 2 hours drive from Shanghai and 30 minutes drive from Hangzhou. We have…[Read more]

    Guangdong Double Wei Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with headquarters in the world famous city Guangzhou, China, registered capital of 10000000 RMB which formerly known as Wan Xiang Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. Our clients spreads all over the world, especially in Africa and Middle East countries, such as Congo,…[Read more]

  • ※ Our History
    ◇ Year of 2001, developed mini folding doors;
    ◇ Year of 2003, developed top-hung sliding door with removable inner rails;
    ◇ Year of 2005, developed low rail folding doors and bottom rolling sliding doors with removable rails;
    ◇ Year of 2007, launched the over-welcomed new patented products-Dazzling Arc series windows and doors;
    ◇…[Read more]

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